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Генеральный директор (Алматы)

Название : 

Генеральный директор (Алматы).



Описание работодателя:

Европейская медицинская компания. 






Job Key Result Areas

Together with the Regional VP and the Management team, the CM should formulate a grounded business strategy, run the day-to-day management and supervision of the business and make sure that all the activities comply with laws and regulations, and articulate well (within the team in Kazakhstan, within the functions with Region / Corporate). The purpose of this role is to continuously develop and sustain a safely profitable business in Kazakhstan (through both organic growth and operational efficiency), explore expansion or new services (incl. acquisition M&A), and streamline business models to ensure sustainable competitiveness (starting with labor cost). He or she is expected to develop and implement strategic plans in line with global strategy of as well as ensure a smooth operation management including annual budget planning and implementation as well as efficient nursing and medical process management across our clinics in Kazakhstan.

General Management

Full P&L responsibility – accordingly diligently monitor the business performance of the country. Ensure the business plan is met and intervene with preventive and mitigation steps where needed, actively participate in business reviews, secure professional financial forecasts and budgeting based on trustworthy and reliable figures.

Provide leadership - coach, motivate and support team members in achieving the defined goals, create team spirit, create a spirit of corporate belonging, foster an environment of trust and open and active communication, be a role model.

Ensure profitability – analyse country portfolio, categorize clinics, establish action plans and act upon low performing units, maximize outcomes of high performing units

Ensure productivity – continuously seek for possibilities to increase the productivity of the businesses, implement operational excellence measures and strong KPIs.

Ensure organic growth – by increasing the patient inflow. Actively influence referral channels, promote the company to key decision makers, recruit strong referral doctors as contractors or employees and implement mechanisms that incentivize an increase of referrals. Reduce patient outflow

Maximize capacity utilization in the clinics - by reducing the patient outflow. Actively work on reducing mortality and hospitalization days.

Ensure medical quality – safeguard the reputation of the company as high medical quality provider. Always comply with internal and external minimum medical quality requirements, ensure competent care givers are recruited and educated, and ensure patient safety is priority number 1 in all services provided and products/equipment used.

Drive service leadership – actively seek for ways on how to establish and demonstrate industry leadership in all aspects of service delivery, internally and externally, and by this create customer value and increase customer satisfaction.

Strengthen the positioning- make the company the renal provider of choice by delivering upon the agreed Customer Value Proposition and the Brand values, and by promoting the company to all stakeholders. Engage in active lobbying, marketing communication and other promotion events to ensure the offering and values are clearly understood.

Profitable Growth

Focus on growth: Ensure business growth as per strategic plan. Internally organize team in an optimal manner which is already having a good knowledge of the market with an existing growth pipeline, ensure high quality M&A processes and ensure high quality contact strategy towards nephrologists. Externally strengthen the reputation of the company and promote its offering.

Build credibility on healthcare market: Understand the dynamics of the Kazakh healthcare market, understand the market/nephrologists´ needs and how the company can offer a distinctive proposition in competitive situations. Explore organic growth opportunities with versatile business models to adjust for region specifics and various local situations.

Lead a geographically dispersed team: In addition to driving high levels of performance the Managing Director ensures high levels of engagement across the dispersed team and actively engages the team while systematically building its capability. Is experienced in management by objectives, is able to set clear direction, strong KPIs and is able to install performance follow-up processes.

Maintain high service levels for patients. The company seeks to provide exceptional levels of care for its patients around the world. The Managing Director must ensure that the KAZAKSTAN operations provides superior medical outcomes, considerate, personalized patient services and support, as well as streamlined and professional clinic operations. While improving the performance of the KAZAKSTAN operation the Managing Director must never lose sight of the emotional and psychological needs of patients.


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