Project Manager in Oil industry(Астана)

Директор департамента по складскому хозяйству

Production Technologist

Country (Азербайджан) Sales Director

Менеджер по корпоративной отчетности и казначейским операциям

Tax Audits Lead

Senior Tax Specialist

Country Head KZ (Sales Dir)

Senior Trade Marketing Specialist

Risk manager (руководитель)

Operational (and Credit) Risk manager

Маркетолог(Product по кредитным продуктам для розницы и МСБ)

Кредитный администратор(по рознице, или юр лицам)

Медиатр - психолог

Бухгалтер AR/AP

Главный бухгалтер

HR & Admin

IT специалист с уклоном в мобильное приложение

Regional Sales Executive (RSE) г.Атырау

Менеджер по закупкам (Purchasing manager)

КАМ (Грузия)

Начальник отдела разработок (Усть - Каменогорск)

Менеджер по ТБ и СМК г.Текели

Начальник отдела разработок г. Усть-Каменогорск

Brand Manager

Sales Analyst

г. Алматы , пр. Аль-Фараби 5
БЦ «Нурлы-Тау», блок 1А, офис 502

Project Manager in Oil industry(Астана)

Наименование вакансии

Project Manager



Описание Работодателя

Престижная  нефтяная компания

Требования к кандидату

A minimum of 10 (!) yrs of Oil and Gas engineering and projects experience with an affinity for project management. Hands-on experience of project delivery in a complex and challenging environment would be preferred. Demonstration of an understanding of and comfort in dealing with a diversity of cultures, work practices and customs and the ability to be flexible and accommodating without compromising the key objectives and milestones on which the project success depends. Demonstration of ability to work both at conceptual and more detailed levels.

The incumbent will need:

Функциональные обязанности

The Project Manager is responsible to support the delivery of a number of projects within the Company’s portfolio, on time, within budget and with performance in line with predictions, by performing Asset Management activities on behalf of the Company Asset Manager.

Examples of work activities in which he/she may be involved are as below:

Стаж работы

от 12 лет

Знание языков

Дополнительная информация

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